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After 18 years of working in advertising and marketing, including disciplines such as art direction, production, design, video, multimedia and web development, AaronVan has chosen to focus his passion in the field of photography. His extensive background in the creative industry has prepared him to produce the kind of exciting and engaging imagery that we love to make for our clients. Not only does he have a passion for the arts but also a love for the food. As a true director, who thrives on the collaborative process that food and beverage photography requires, he is focused, patient, diligent, detail oriented and up for any challenge. He loves the technical aspect of photography but always brings feeling to his work. He is a master at making you hungry! With our team of production support, stylists, digital techs, assistants and managers we are equipped to handle projects large and small and want to invite you to join our family of clients.

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Behing the scenes shooting drinks at Morimoto Asia, Disney Springs

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