I love this work!

Just the other day I was photographing a product for a client and I had this overwhelming feeling of satisfaction wash over me. It was late at night working on a rush job to create an image of the detail of a sauce, Mojo sauce. 

I know, exciting right! But to me it absolutely was, let me explain. 

My client was creating a new label for her amazing line of mojo sauces, they had taken their own photograph of the sauce to add to the label but she just wasn’t loving it and reached out to ask what I could do for her. I explained with the correct lighting I could really make the texture of the sauce stand out on the label so it instantly drew your eye in to all the fresh garlic, herbs and spices. She was excited to see what I could create for her and so I got started on the project.

Most would figure this to be a pretty simple photo to create, quite the contrary. My first thought was I needed a larger flat surface of a container to shoot against, as the curve of the smaller bottle would just not work for this image, so after visiting three retail stores trying to find something square and transparent I finally found a storage container that would work. I poured the sauce in, set up the camera and the lighting and the image was just flat and lifeless. I then tried to shoot the sauce from overhead but while the light was better there was still not depth to the image. Not much of an improvement over the original. I couldn’t get the correct lighting on the elements of the sauce through the sauce itself. My next thought was to put some sauce on a shallow, flat surface, that way all those wonderful bits could protrude from the sauce just enough to catch some light, cast a little bit of shadow and give me the dimension to the image I was looking for.

If you’ve read this far i’m sure you are thinking, wow that’s a lot of thought to put into a photo of a sauce! You’d think it would be simple but it took some trial and error to get it just right. 

The funny thing and the thing most people can’t understand is that I enjoyed every minute of it! 

It doesn’t matter that some may think of it as just a condiment, it was a problem to solve, a challenge to overcome, how was I going to make the absolute best photo for this assignment and that is one of the aspects I absolutely love about this work!

It takes patience and determination, two things I am known for, and in the end there is this satisfaction of figuring it out but its also the process that to me is relaxing and enjoyable. 

I definitely love what I do!

The biggest payoff though is this…

“I think it looks amazing. Absolutely best suggestion to take a better picture.
Night and day!!” - Barbara

It may just be something most people take for granted but this sauce is my clients baby, her pride and joy and it is now represented in the best way possible.  I love the entire process of creating work like this.

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